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Landice is proud of the superior-quality fitness equipment we produce. We know the results speak for themselves, but we're always excited to let our customers speak for us.
Andrew H - Michigan - Landice L7

I bought an L7 maybe 8 or 9 years ago for my home. Hardly used it for much of that time except during winter months when the weather was bad here in Michigan. We had the single worst winter in the US this year and my wife and I used this treadmill almost every day for 4 1/2 months. It was flawless. I just wanted to say something positive about your craftsmanship and engineering that went into the build of our treadmill because it has lasted a long damn time without trouble.

Mitchell W. – Bernardsville, NJ – L8 Treadmill

I am an ironman triathlete. I've owned a Landice for 2 1/2 years. I'm very serious about my training. I've spent years going to very high end health clubs and used all of the top of the line equipment and my knees always hurt on them. I found exactly what I wanted in the L8 and I no longer have any leg injuries.

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Chris M. – Flanders, NJ – L7 Treadmill (10 years old)

This is my Landice L7. I've been running on this treadmill for 7 years now. I've run on many treadmills before but this one happens to be the most dependable and reliable treadmill I've ever owned. It's never given me any trouble.

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Darrin B. – S. Lyon, MI

Absolutely love our treadmill.  Strong, dependable, quiet, immediate response to inputs.  Have nothing but praise for Landice.

Tatiana H. – Bridgewater, NJ

Love this treadmill, the ortho belt is excellent.  Thank you.

Lisa W. – Olympic Valley, CA

I love my Landice! You can tell it is made with high quality materials. I am so happy with it, my dad has one and told me how great it was, I couldn't agree more, now that I have one!

Niko G. – London, ON

We are pleased with the product we purchased. We also respect and hold important that you manufacture your product in the USA and not overseas. We know that product quality maintained and that there are socioeconomic benefits for North America too for producing in USA rather than overseas.

Robin B – Manitowoc, WI

After owning several treadmills that were of less quality, I wanted a machine that I could use and would be of a quality that it would be the last treadmill I would ever have to buy.

Arlo B. – Canfield, OH

Excellent product, I'm glad I paid a little extra for such a great treadmill. Keep up the good work!

Ryan B. – Des Moines, IA

This is a wonderful piece of equipment.  My parents have an L7 treadmill and now I have the ElliptiMill.  The quality of the Landice products are exceptional, I will never consider any other brand.  Thanks for making such great products.