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August 7, 2013


111 Canfield Avenue, Suite A1
Randolph, New Jersey USA 07869
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Randolph, NJ – Now available from Landice, the leading US treadmill manufacturer, is the latest product in their line of high-end, multi-purpose fitness equipment – the CX8 Elliptical Cross Trainer. The Landice CX8 offers the functionality of four key conditioning machines – a conventional elliptical, incline trainer, extreme hiker and core trainer – packaged economically in one unit.

“Landice studied the best elements of other leading ellipticals on the market today, and engineered a machine that offers all those features in one product,” according to Greg Savettiere, president of Landice. “With its patented electronic variable motion technology, both its incline and the shape of elliptical can be adjusted easily with a push of a button.” The Landice CX8 is capable of transforming a workout from conventional elliptical training to a more sophisticated ramp-based incline trainer, up to the motion of an extreme hiker. Where other ellipticals offer only stride length adjustments that flatten their traditional round ellipse patterns, the Landice CX8 can change its elliptical shape with its choice of 12 incline levels that work to engage more muscle groups and burn more calories for a more complete workout.

In addition to its lower body benefits, the Landice CX8 is designed with an exclusive counterrotational training arm for upper body strengthening. Through a converging arm motion, the user can experience a more natural arm swing similar to what is experienced when walking, jogging or running. This motion helps isolate abdominal muscles to target and tone the core.

Landice equips the unit with a series of arm grip and squat instructions that enable the user to cycle through various levels of exercises and experience a true cross-training workout unique in the industry. The Landice CX8 Elliptical Cross Trainer is engineered, assembled and tested in the USA.

Landice is a Randolph, NJ based manufacturer of high-end, specialty fitness equipment for residential and light commercial use (hotels, condos/apartment complexes, senior centers). A second-generation family run business for over 45 years, Landice is one of the only fitness equipment companies to manufacture and assemble their treadmills solely in the USA. Landice offers a 5 year Warranty on the CX8 products and is consistently rated as one of the top in industry rankings (Runners World, Consumer Reports).


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Treadmill Sensei

Best Buy Award Winner: Best Buy Treadmill From $4000 and Over
For 30+ years, Landice has been the cream of the crop for high end treadmills and this year is no different. The Landice L7 Cardio trainer treadmill is the perfect combination of performance, design and cost.
The Landice Cardio Trainer series is the best treadmill in a brand of excellent treadmills and gets 5 gold buddahs out of 5 from the Sensei.

All Ellipticals: Best of the Best, 2011

This high-end treadmill company began building Landice elliptical trainers in 2008. After a successful launch, they quickly became the major manufacturer for ellipticals and set the bar — just as they did with treadmills, a market they have led for over 30 years.
The company manufactures two E Series trainers in their Randolph, NJ, factory: the residential model Landice E8 Elliptimill and the commercial model Landice E9 Elliptimill. Landice elliptical trainers are well-designed, well-built machines made with quality components and are backed by lifetime warranties. Right out of the gate, the Elliptimills rank among the Best of the Best in ellipticals.

SGB - Sporting goods business

Eye On Fitness: ACE Internet Poll
Links Home Treads to Awards

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) announced the winners of their first-ever "Excellence in Customer Satisfaction" awards. Awards were bestowed following an online random sample polling of 20,000 home treadmill owners nation wide.
Landice Treadmills was awarded the Excellence in Customer Satisfaction in the "more than $2000 category".
The best treadmill reviews are on Landice treadmills!

Men's Journal

"Gear of the Year"
"Looking to the automotive world for inspiration, Landice created a treadmill with the brushed aluminum finish of an Audi TT, the round, red-and-white analog gauges of a ’55 T-bird, and the audio console of a Lexus SC 430. Under the hood it’s powered by a 3 hp engine that exceeds health club standards and pushes its top speed to 12 mph – a very respectable pace."