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How can I find the serial number of Landice product?

When facing your machine head on, you will find a Landice plate located at the bottom right of the machine. Information will include Model, Serial #, Volts, Hertz and Amps.

How should I clean my treadmill?

We recommend that you vacuum around and underneath the treadmill on a monthly basis. Your treadmill will also look better much longer if you wipe the sweat off after each workout. A soft sponge or towel dampened moistened with water is best for the finish, but if necessary a mild, diluted dish soap can be used on the tough spots (use only Non-Phosphate cleaner.) Never use any cleaning agents on the walking deck. You can wipe down the exposed edges of the deck with a dry paper towel to remove the grime but do not clean the portion covered by the walking belt.

Is there anything to consider when selecting a location for a treadmill?

In home usage, you want to be sure to leave 18" of clearance on each side and 4’ of clearance to the rear of the treadmill. Keep the power cord away from heated surfaces.

What are the power requirements for Landice treadmills?

Landice recommends a 110 volt 15 amp (HOME and LTD) or 220 volt 15 amp (CLUB) dedicated line per treadmill. In addition, extension cords, surge protectors, and ground fault protected outlets should not be used.

My treadmill needs maintenance or repair. Who should I contact?

Your selling dealer will perform the service or direct you to an authorized service provider in your area.

How do I adjust the tension of the drive belt?

Drive Belts are pretensioned before the treadmill leaves the factory. Adjustments are ONLY necessary when Drive Belt is slipping during use.

To test for tightness:

1. Remove motor cover.

2. With mill running at 2mph walk on treadbelt.

3. If Drive Belt is moving front roller with no slippage then drive belt is correctly tensioned.

Check the tension on the Drive Belt by placing the Drive Belt between your thumb and forefinger and twisting.
The proper twist is 45º. If the belt needs to be adjusted use a 7/16” socket and turn the bolt underneath the motor pan attached to the hook screw.


What are the dimensions of the Elliptical?

Please see this PDF for ElliptiMill dimensions.

How do I determine if the treadbelt needs tensioning?

Treadbelts are tensioned at the factory and normally need no adjustment. To determine if treadbelt needs to be adjusted perform the following test:

1. Remove motor cover.
2. Set treadmill speed to 2mph.
3. Walk on treadbelt and see if drive roller is turning but belt is not moving. If belt is not moving then tension treadbelt ONLY until belt ceases to slip.

The same adjustment bolts used for tracking TENSION the Treadbelt. To tighten Treadbelt, turn both adjustment bolts (clockwise) exactly the same amount. Failure to turn them equally will affect belt tracking. You are moving the rear roller closer or further away from the deck to tension the Treadbelt.

DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN TREADBELT! If you can't reach the palm of your hand under the center of the Treadbelt, if the edges of the belt are curled up, or if you hear the belt “groaning” THE TREADBELT IS TOO TIGHT.

How do I adjust the tracking on the treadmill?

The Treadbelt is tracked by means of two adjustment bolts (9/16" wrench) located at rear of treadmill. By tightening the side the belt is closest to and loosening the opposite side by the same amount, you change the alignment of the rear roller without changing overall tension. Adjustments should be made with treadmill running, and should be made in 1/4-turn increments. Allow at least 30 seconds for treadbelt to stabilize between each adjustment. Perform the adjustments at slower speeds (2-3 mph) until you are comfortable making adjustments. Faster speeds will cause the adjustments to take effect quicker (5-6 mph).

Example: Treadbelt tracks to the right:

a. Turn treadmill on, and bring speed up to 4.0 mph.
b. Using a 9/16" wrench, tighten the right-hand adjustment bolt 1/4" turn.
c. Loosen the left-hand adjustment bolt 1/4" turn.
d. Let Treadbelt stabilize (rotate for 30 seconds) and readjust if necessary.

What are the dimensions of the treadmill?

Please see this PDF for treadmill dimensions.