Bike Comparison Chart

Use this helpful chart to compare the differences between all of Landice's superior bikes for Home Fitness and Commercial Fitness.

  Residential/ Commercial  
Frame Style Step-through design Upright
Pedal Type Self-balancing pedals with adjustable straps
Seat Type Ergonomic seat with ventilated back 12 1/2" width seat that tapers to a narrow nose
Seat Adjustment Forward/backwards with 15 settings Up/Down with 12 settings
Flywheel Weight 15 Lbs.
Resistance System Eddy current magnetic braking system
Drive System V-belt
Workload Range 60-400 Watts
Resistance Range 1-20
Handlebar Design Console grib bars, seat handlebars with contact heart-rate monitoring and resistance controls Racing style handlebars with contact
Heart-rate and resistance controls
Heart Rate Contact heart-rate
Optional wireless chest-strap
Accessories Water bottle holder and accessory pocket
Max User Weight 350 lbs.
Electrical Requirement Self-powered
Transport Wheels Yes
Levelers Yes
Assembled Weight 205 lbs. 159 lbs.
Product Dimensions L x 65.74" 25.31" W x 52.20" H L x 44.56" 24.72" W x 58.11" H
Box Dimensions 78"W x 37" L x 36"H 48"W x 37" L x 36"H
Shipping Weight 290 lbs. 235 lbs.
Console Display Landice Achieve Landice Achieve
Statistics Readouts Speed, Distance, Laps, Calories, Cal/hr, RPM, Resistance, Watts, Time, METS, Heart Rate, Target Heart Rate, Time in Heart Rate Zone, Time elapsed and Time remaining