L8 Treadmill

Quality Construction

At Landice, we build our residential treadmills to full institutional standards, offering the latest in engineering technology combined with old-fashioned American craftsmanship.

  • Landice Difference
  • Commercial Grade
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  • Solidly Built
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    The Landice Difference
    Landice has been building premium-quality treadmills for over 40 years. We have consistently been rated the number-one treadmill company by the world's leading consumer publications.
    It's All About the Details
    Look closer at the small details that help make Landice a truly quality product, from cast-metal end caps to the reinforced construction under our control panels.
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    High Inertia Flywheel
    Our flywheel's unique design and exceptional strength provide an ultra-smooth and consistent workout experience.
    Treadmill Rollers
    Rollers are critical to the life of a treadmill. We go above and beyond to bring you the highest-quality, longest-lasting rollers.
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    Motor Control Electronics
    The effectiveness and power of a treadmill starts with the motor. We use an oversized motor controller that allows us to drive up to 30 amps through our motor.
    Elevation Motor
    Our elevation motor is rated for 1,000 pounds of thrust, giving it the absolute highest rating, so you can raise the level of your workout.
    Four-Horse Power Drive Motor*
    The heart of the Landice treadmill is the four-horse power continuous duty motor, so that your treadmill can withstand constant use without overheating. *NOTE: The stated horsepower is based on the motor’s horsepower rating as measured in a laboratory setting. The motor’s horsepower rating is an indication of the robustness of the motor. It does not reflect the operational horsepower of the motor which is typically limited by home electrical systems.
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    Shock Absorption
    Running on a Landice treadmill feels softer than running on grass, thanks to our proprietary shock absorption system.
    Treadmill Belt
    Keeping treadmill friction under control starts with using an exceptional-quality belt. Landice is the only company that uses four-ply belts on our treadmills.
    Treadmill Deck
    The foundation of a treadmill is the slider deck that the belt runs on. The Landice slider deck is superior in several ways.
    Frame Construction
    Our exceptional quality starts with our solid, superior frame.

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