Q: How do I activate the manufacturer's warranty on my machine?

Register your warranty online at landice.com within 30 days of purchase. Please retain proof of purchase. 

Landice Registration

Q: How do I contact Customer/Tech Support?



Our customer support call center is open from 8:00AM - 4:00PM EST Monday through Friday.

Q: What information will I need to supply to Customer/Tech Support

The Customer/Technical Support Department will need the Landice model number, serial number and the nature of the problem (error messages, symptoms, description of what is not working, etc.) an address, a contact name and a phone number. All products must be registered prior to filing a warranty claim.

Q: Where is the serial number located?

Treadmills: near the line cord receptical.

Bikes: on the rear support foot.

Ellipticals: near the line cord receiptical.

Q: I’ve misplaced my owner’s manual:

A copy of your Owner’s Manual can be found on our website, Landice.com

Q: How are products serviced?

Landice has partnered with independent service providers throughout the United States who will be called upon to provide fast, reliable "in home" service should it be necessary. To find a service provider in your area, please call 1-800-LANDICE or visit our website, Landice.com

Q: What does 'in home' use mean?

Our equipment is intended for private, residential use within a climate controlled room in your home. It is not intended for use by (but not limited to): Hotels, Resorts, Police and Fire Stations, Apartment Complexes, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Clinics, Hospitals, Elementary, Middle and High Schools, YMCA’s, Colleges, Universities, or Private/Public Health Clubs and business use of Personal Trainers.

Q: What is covered under the warranty?

Please see our warranties page: Warranties

Q: What is not covered under the warranty?

Please see our warranties page: Warranties

Q: Who is covered under the warranty?

The original owner, it is not transferable.

Q: Where is the best location for my equipment?

Place the machine on a level surface. There should be 6 feet of clearance behind the machine, 3 feet on each side and one foot in front for the power cord. Do not place the machine in any area that will block any vent or air openings. Do not place your machine in any location that is not temperature controlled, such as but not limited to garages, porches, pool rooms, bathrooms, car ports or outdoors.

Q: Why do I need a 15 amp dedicated circuit?

The components of all of our units and the owner's manuals are reviewed and certified. This indicates that the information Landice presents and the components used together are safe, in compliance and will not cause any problems. A 15 amp dedicated circuit is needed to insure the amount of power available to the unit is adequate. Over time components will wear and draw more power than when the machine was new a 15 amp dedicated circuit will provide this power. If a dedicated 15 amp outlet is not used it may cause the breaker to trip.

Q: How do I install my Landice Upright Bike?

Click here to see our install video: