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Testimonials from our customers

Landice is proud of the superior-quality fitness equipment we produce. We know the results speak for themselves, but we're always excited to let our customers speak for us.

Robert R. – N. Oxford, MA

It has been great!! I look forward to having it for a long time to come... It has given me fitness club experience at home!! Thanks!

Lance T. – Mayhill, TN

I actually bought two machines - one for my Dad and one for my family. Overall, I am pleased with the machine and I get a good workout. My conditioning is improving.

Brad F. – Scottsdale, AZ

Fantastic machine. Best piece of exercise equipment we have ever purchased. This was a $5k impulse purchase after just a short discussion with the salesperson and a brief "test ride" on a couple of other similar exercise machines. Dropped 6 lbs in the first month of using Landice, just 30 minutes a day. No joint or muscle pain. Looking pretty "buff" for 61 year old.

John S.

I've been using my L7 Cardio-treadmill for over 8 years and it works as well today as the day I bought it.


Thanks so much for your help. The new motor control board is installed and seems to work. I can't thank you and your Landice colleagues enough. My family and I are very grateful, and will think of you with appreciation on cold winter days. Landice's customer support has been marvelous, beyond anything I've encountered. Please feel free to cite me to other Landice employees and customers as thrilled with your service. 

Thanks again,
Paul P. - Higganum, CT

Dear Landice,

A few years back I purchased one of your competitors' higher end treadmills. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to repair it, and adjust the tracking of the belt. It was such an arduous task that owning it wasn’t an enjoyable to say the least. After what as I deemed was that last time I was going to repair it, I did my homework and spent over two months looking at every treadmill on the market. With my past experience as a Master Certified Automobile Technician, I scrutinized every treadmill worthy of looking at. I actually turned them over in the showroom (to see how well they were built) and asked a plethora of questions, this time certain that I wasn’t going to be burned again on my purchase. My conclusion was that your treadmills were the best I could find on the market. Its simplistic and durable design lead me to complete the sale of your product. A simple motor and component cover in the front of the treadmill gives access to all the electrical and mechanics...Impressive and practical!
Kurt H.

I'll make this quick. My wife and I purchased the Executive Trainer a year ago and could not be any more pleased to this point. Your company and its products are second to none. I will be honest with you, my wife and I cringed at the thought of spending that much money and it was the life time warranty that sold it in the end. However, Landice truly makes the cliché "you get what you pay for" a phrase of pure truth. Look, no need to make this long winded. You people make a killer treadmill and I think you already know this. So let me just say thank you. I have not had this much fun working out since high school. Diet books, meal plans, and that Subway eating guy? Whatever! Nothing like a good sweat on a Landice for 45 minutes a day. Those are true results. Thanks again.

Suhail R. - East Meadow, NY

I purchased a Landice treadmill about 6 years ago. My wife has used this every day since and at 50 years of age, she looks not a day over 30 and gorgeous. I can't see why, with the quality of your products and the wonderful people you have selling and servicing them, Landice won't be around for another thousand years. Please congratulate you dedicated staff for performing an excellent job.

Mike D. - Wysox, PA

I have been using the Landice Cardio Treadmill now for the last 5 years. Having had 3 other treadmills, the Landice far surpasses the other in performance and reliability. Equally important is the easy accessibility and the excellent on-line service that you have provided me. 

Richard T.

Wow! What a great treadmill. After a lot of research and testing my wife and I purchase a Landice L8 Treadmill. It is a beautiful piece of equipment, smooth, quiet, powerful, soft.